Our Philosophy

Children learn in their own ways and grow at different rates, reaching milestones and developmental stages at different times. Each program is developmentally based and offers a wide variety of age appropriate hands-on learning materials and activities.

Cognitive development is stimulated through use of simple construction materials such as hardwood blocks and Legos, and natural materials such as clay, sand, water and imagination games & activities. Children are encouraged to think, reason, question and experiment by participation in individual and group problem solving experiences.

Physical development is enhanced through regular use of the Center’s gym space and equipment. Our outdoor playground is used on a daily basis, weather permitting. Indoor active play equipment includes items such as large balls, scooters, hula hoops, riding toys, and more!

Language development is stimulated by our print-rich environment, using books with all ages of children. Teachers share stories and poems, facilitate group language experience stories, and encourage children’s emerging interests in writing as they scribble, draw, and trace. Word and letter recognition games and dramatic play activities stimulate communication skills among the children.

Social / emotional growth is realized as children learn to be positive members of their peer group as they listen to others, take turns, follow directions, complete tasks and cooperate with other children and adults. Activities are designed to foster a positive self-concept, and provide opportunities for children to see and realize the impact they have on others and their environment.

As children grow, there are challenges along the way. Your child’s teacher will provide you with classroom-specific information and programming statements when your child joins the program, and will provide resources on other “ages and stages” topics as they become pertinent.